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at 187 airplanes. why? >> because of the engineering challenges, because of costs, the pentagon and congress decided to do was to say, we cannot afford to build as many of these as we want. the overall buy from. the overall cost, it is not that much lower. what you have, but the real tragedy is that the cost per plane is much greater than what was supposed to be. >> $400 million a plane. let's run some video. this is from the lockheed martin website. we have kept it just does we saw on the website. this is so we can see what it looks like and how lockheed ♪romotes it to the public. >> what did you see there? >> boy, something i would love to flyn. you saw a video that both plays up america's combat air superiority. it shows off a very sexy airplane. it was designed in a very futuristic way. nothing like those images of planes taking off and landing from ships to demonstrate american military might. very well produced ad that helps to -- e aelement to this. we should have the lockheed martin is the principal contractor building nests. >> how do they compared to other contracto
and the pentagon, yes, the pentagon. by the time you get past the half of the country that believe kriemt clang is an outright hoax, how do you do the rational thing about something like gun safety? that's our problem, that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. ♪ >>> today was a huge news day in the ongoing political fight against gun violence in this country. the white house threw its most precious and powerful resource, the time and attention of the president of the united states, behind the issue today. the president traveled to denver, colorado, where he was introduced by the local police chief and planked by law enforcement officers to draw washington's attention, again, to gun safety. >> we need parents, we need teachers, we need police officers, we need pastors, we need hunters and sportsmen, americans of every background, to say, we've suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue. we're not going to just wait for the next newtown or the next aurora before we act. and i -- i genuinely believe
was nominated because he looked like a man who could change the pentagon. he was attacked relentlessly and ridiculously because of that same apparent independence of mind. today we got to see if he escaped from the senate hazing with his will intact. that's coming up. >>> first, i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today. first, a series of incredible never before seen videotapes released by the shelby county registrar's office in tennessee. the tapes document the man who murdered dr. martin luther king jr., james earl ray. lots of fascinating stuff to sort through here. ray can be seen having his rights being read to him back to memphis, also his arrival at the shelby county jail, where he was searched, examined by a doctor, and placed into a cell. footage has been released to mark the anniversary of king's death, which is tomorrow. find the videos and read more on the shelby county registrar's website. this fascinating, maddening, and hilarious article is the second awesomest thing on the internet today. i just had the good fortune to stumble upon it today. it i
korea probably has nuclear weapons that it can launch on a ballistic missile. that's from a new pentagon report, which a congressman read outloud today on capitol hill. he was not supposed to read it at all. because that report was classified. but the pentagon says somebody inadvertently marked it unclassified. quite a mistake. and this finding is a very big deal. because the analysts have long said for years now that the north koreans have not yet figured out a way to stick a nuke on an intercontinental missile. if they can do it now, it is an enormous threat to american interests around the world. jennifer griffin on fox top story live at the pentagon tonight. stunning, jennifer. >> it's a pretty big revelation, shep. until now, the defense secretary and other pentagon officials had always said that the north koreans had not yet miniaturized device allowing it to be weapon niced. this is a huge step in the world of nuclear proliferation. here is what douglas lamb bourn of colorado revealed today on capitol hill. >> quoting from the unclassified portion which i believe has not yet been
the assessment is being greeted with deep skepticism. barbara starr is at the pentagon with details on the report and the caveats. kyung lah is in seoul. retired general james "spider" marks is an expert on military weapons of mass destruction and he joins us. we will talk to the congressman you just heard from in just a few moments. barbara, let me start with you. the portion of the d.i.a. report that the congressman read today, many people understandably alarmed by it. what are you hearing about it, the validity of the information? >> well, what he read was accurate, anderson. that is what the d.i.a. has said, no question about it. but what's the d.i.a. really talking about here? why should all of us be so concerned? what they're saying is that north korea has made significant progress in nuclear weapons. this is broad scale, this is not a nuclear warhead. that's what the pentagon came back and talked about just later today. the pentagon says we're not talking about a nuclear warhead fine-tuned miniaturized highly technical warhead that can be put on a missile and delivered overseas perhaps to
to stay. the defenseto budget, the pentagon is looking at a cut of $487 billion in projected spending over 10 years. hagel the things chuck and the administration has proposed is an increase in tricare fees and another round of base closings in 2015. what is the chance of congress going along with those steps? have you gotten any sense of any pressure from the pentagon in pushing for these kinds of changes/ ? >> those are two steps we need to take. a tool that the military needs to properly align in the best way. i understand congress is not fond of base closing. we're making this transition. many veterans groups. people who serve in the military, people who have served in our military, it should have the best comic cheapest health care we offer in this country. if they do and they will. in 1996 when tricare was introduced the average member paid 27% of the cost. and now they pay 11%. thehe word to implement president's plan, i think we would get up to them playing 15%.-- to paying i think that is reasonable. in choosing between that and further degrading readiness sell our troops are not
, the pentagon explaining why it has postponed its own planned missile test from california's vandenburg air force base. thatelay, they hope, may help diffuse the situation on the korean peninsula. >>, but north korea does in the appear willing to drop its defenses anytime soon. this video from their state television showing military dogs attacking south korea's defense minister and another kim jong- kim jong- kim jong-un supervising planes. and delaying a trip to washington, he says, he will he remain in soul for, quote, a measure. steve centanni following from the capital, first, david piper streaming live from the south korean capital, seoul. >> reporter: yes, it's looking increasingly likely that north korea is going to conduct that missile test. now, the south korean government says it could happen by wednesday, april the 10th. now, they are saying their assessment is based largely on a warning by north korea that embassies should take their staffs. and the movement of the missiles to the east of north korea and they believed to have a range of 1800 miles and could reach as far as guam
south korea's government says they conduct a missile test perhaps 72-hours. here at home the pentagon saying it postponed its own planned missile test from california's air force base. that delay they hope may help diffuse the situation on the korean peninsula. but north korea does not appear to be willing to drop the defenses any time soon. this video from the state showing pictures of attacking the defense minister. another video supervising a series of drills using an unmanned combat plan. the leading u.s. military commander in south korea to delay a trip to washington. he says he will remain in seoul for quote a prudent measure. steve centanni following from the nation's capital and streaming live from the south korean capital. david? >> it is looking increasingly likely north korea is going to conduct the text. >> the government. should be back where it starts from the embassies by that day. suet k south korea has been following the missiles to the east coast of north korea. it was 1800 miles. north korea has threatened the attack. the u.s. tried to make sure is it doesn't do an
, secretary hagel says the pentagon is ready to give options. we have been given some ideas what some of the possibilities are. >> well, not necessarily the options, shepard. the secretary of state kerry told lawmakers in a closed session that evidence points to syria using chemical weapons a couple of times. about 20 people dead. the u.s. has been pushing the united nations to investigate for the past month, and assad has refused access to she sight. experts tell us the small scale of which kim cal -- chemical weapons could make it difficult to determine. >> we're still looking at what happened, who is responsible, and the other specifics that we'll need. as to a red line, my role as secretary of defense is to give the president options on a policy issue. that's a policy issue. and we'll be prepared to do that at such time as the president requires options. >> also wouldn't say if the president has asked for options. >> shepard: lots of response. >> lawmakers pushing for action but not al this same action. dianne feinstein says she worries, quote, president asaud may calculate he has
would authorize. let's get to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, any indication that the president has ordered the pentagon to begin positioning troops anywhere? >> no, not as of yet. the president again called the use of chemical weapons in syria a game-changer but there's still no indication the pentagon has been asked to act. >> as early as last year, i asked the pentagon, our military, intelligence officials to prepare for me what options might be available. and i won't go into he details of what those options might be, but it will clearly -- that would be an escalation. >> options are ready, and if it becomes -- either if it becomes clear to me or i'm ordered to too so, we'll act. but at this point that hasn't occurred. >> dempsey went on to say that in essence, no-fly zone may not achieve what some on capitol hill would like it to achieve, so there are a lot of caveats to the plans that have been presented to president obama. also, remember, there's still currently only one aircraft carrier in the region in the persian gulf. they would have to move an air c
of passengers. nbc news is reporting heightened security at the pentagon. here outside the u.s. capitol we are seeing increased presence patrolling the area. the actions for visitors in the area have been normal, but for those who call austin home, there is perhaps an even greater sense of sadness and shot. -- who call boston home. >> a little afraid, hoping people we know who ran in the race are ok. outside the capital, motorcycle officers patrol the grounds as a precaution, while visitors continued familiar note routines of strolling in taking pictures. outside the white house, action, as police closed down pedestrian traffic as a safety measure. to department shifted heightened alert moments after the explosions in boston and will remain there for the time being. >> i cannot dwell on it. >> did you feel safe right now inside the capitol? >> pretty much. >> shocked and saddened by the news of boston, but there faith back home is unshaken. >> we will come out stronger in the end. >> metro transit police have increased security during tonight's rush hour and that will have officers on duty
repositioning its missles today. a move that put the pentagon on alert. recent job gains in the market taking a step back. unemployment rates rising to their highest levels in months. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? >> shepard: just in. the secret service confirms it's investigating a report that the personal information of recently sworn in secret service director, julia peterson, has been hacked. they'll provide no other information. she was sworn in as the first woman director of the secret service by vice-president biden during a cer
alternatives. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story tonight from the pentagon. >> for the first time, the pentagon plans to deploy a weapon niced laser on board a navy ship. this new weapon is slated to be operational off the coast of iran early next year. video released by the u.s. navy shows the laser locked on to a slow moving target. in this case an unmanned drone. the drone soon catches fire and crashes into the sea below. it, quote: praise much like a blow torch with an unlimited magazine according to one pentagon official. >> for the first time we're going to demonstrate that lasers can take out operational aircraft. now, albeit they are slow drones. they are not fast movers. >> the laser will be capable of owe blitz rating these small boats and unnamed drones with blast of energy. it will be mounted to the fan tail of the uss ponte and sent out to the fifth fleet region in the persian gulf where iran operates small surveillance drones and is known for swarming and harassing u.s. navy ships with small armored speed boats. one of its major advantages is
pentagon on the next move. >>> the stabbing spree yesterday on a college campus in texas, the suspect claims he fantasized about killing people since he was in elementary school. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >>> first, background checks are not gun control, they're common sense. those are the words the pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey announcing a bipartisan deal that could build support for prevention of gun violence. he joined joe man chen in supporting expanded background checks on gun purchases, expanding checks to coveralls commercial sales, including gun shows and on line. it would not require checks for private purchases such as a sale between relatives. the announcement a day after families who lost loved ones is he newtown massacre went to capital. the senator says that tragedy changed america's hearts and minds. >> this amendment will not ease the pain of the families who lost their children that day. but nobody here, not one of us in this great capital of ours with a good conscience could sit by and not try to prevent it fr
missile to launch literally at any time. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent. >> officials just told me they were completely caught off guard that this revelation was put out there in an open hearing. the holy grail has always been able to take a nuclear bomb, which we know they have, and making it small enough to fit on the end of a missile. this assess. suggests they may learned how to do so. rev laxs from a new development show he may be capable of following through. the north currently has weapons capable of delivery. >> congressman quoted from a new intelligence assessment. >> whatever it takes to put it on top of a missile. there is some degree of confidence, moderate confidence, that that can be done by north korea. >> and to try to lower temperatures. nobody wants to see a conflict on the korean pe ninsz la. >> if true, the revelations give new weight. >> the u.s. believes north korea has one missile on the launch pad. u.s. officials say after initially raising the launcher, they lowered thursdays. but they're in the sure if he's backing off or testing that it works before fi
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. the pentagon has moved missile defense systems to guam after the north north koreans threatened an attack on the united states. president obama says america has lost a true friend with the death of margaret thatcher. her children say the first and only female british prime minister died peacefully today after suffering a stroke. margaret thatcher was 87. president obama says americans will never forget how margaret thatcher stood shoulder to shoulder with president reagan to help end the cold war. in fact, it was soviet reporters who first called her the iron lady a name that stuck. she lived up to that nickname as she dealt with turmoil at home and around the world. >> what we have got is an attempt to substitute the rule of the mob for the rule of law. and it must not -- [cheers] >> for those waiting with baited breath for that favor of media u-turn. i have only one to say you turn if you want to. [ laughter ] [ applause ] the ladies not for turning. >> shepard: margaret thatcher. today nannies reagan said ronni and margaret were political political soul mates committed to freedom and r
will test fire one of its missiles like this one in december. and senior pentagon officials are now telling fox news the north koreans have positioned two mobile launchers on their east coast. those launchers fire a specific type of medium range missile which north korea has never before tried to fire from a mobile platform. if it happens, it will be yet another provocation from a clearly unstable leader named kim jong un. >> he is unpredictable. that country is unpredictable. if that is the reality that we're dealing with and it is, you prepare for every contingency. >> shepard: those preparations include warships and interceptor bears on stand by in case the north korean missile test turns out to be more than just a test. jennifer griffin with the news live in her position at the pentagon tonight. they are keeping close watch on, this i'm sure. >> absolutely, shepard, of course, u.s. satellites and spy planes such as the air force global hock are trained on kim's missile launch sites as we speak tonight. this is the first time north korea has tried to launch this medium range missile from
to sort out today. we are live from the pentagon in just a moment. >>> in france the debate over same sex marriage is front and center today. the french taking up a bill that would give same sex couples the right to mary and also adopt children. >> the lower house has already approved it. french president supports same sex marriage, but the catholic church and other religious groups and social conservatives oppose the measure. >> take a look at this. widespread flooding in and around argentina's capital, elsewhere as well. entire neighborhoods submerged. you see in some cases right there people on the rooftops waiting for help. >> and one of the heaviest storms on record took people by surprise rather. this in buenos aires. thousands are now homeless. the government is holding three days of mourning. >>> north korea now accusing the united states of trying desperately to start a nuclear war. promises what he calls a powerful precision nuclear strike. >> here's what an american official who has been to north korea central times, former ambassador richardson says of all this back and forth.
forces are testing their strength. >> the pentagon has announced it will deploy advanced missile defense system to the island of guam as a precaution to strengthen regional defense posture. the show of might is meant to deter north korean. today the north says it has given final approval to launch a merciless strikes on the u.s. , possibly with nuclear weapons. >> they have nuclear capacity. ratcheted up bellicose dangerous rhetoric and some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks, it presents a real and clear danger. crisis, the 29- year-old who dictator, kim jong un. hiss determined to ensure regime's survival. we were given are rare glimpse inside north korea a year ago. the country struggles to feed its people. now and has defied sanctions. it released a carefully staged photo. the map shows a plan for missile rockets even though the cannot reach out far. imagining what the attack would do. all of this is his way of warning americans not to attempt regime change. many feel they have heard it before. after 20 years of nuclear threats, mostnd now ignore it. >> things lik
stranded in the gulf of mexico for days. >>> the pentagon confirms an anti-missile basis being sent to guam, where kim jong-un is at issue. nbc bay area steve handelsman has the latest for us this evening from washington, d.c. steve? >> reporter: raj, thank you, this move to try to shield guam comes as north korea has renewed the threat to attack the u.s. trying to figure out what is going on with this young, erratic north korean leader, kim jong-un, the officials in washington are looking into it. bayers went up at the kaesong industrial area, more than 100 factories couldn't operate. the latest move by north korea look s drastic, because it hurt north koreans who work here. 50,000, cheap labor for south korean companies, one of the few ways the north and south cooperate. >> this is a symbol that kept people talking and moving. >> reporter: now that is snapped by kim jong-un, a new line crossed by north korea's erratic leader, who vowed yesterday to reopen a nuclear weapons reactor, and vowed yesterday to attack u.s. cities. the pentagon confirms a system is being sent to the u.s. base on
- edge" nuclear weapons. the word came just hours after the pentagon unveiled plans to deploy anti= missile defenses on the pacific island of guam. kron 4's grant lodes has more. despite its string of successful missile tests, pentagon analysts do not believe north korea has the technology to launch a nuclear attack on the u=s. but defense secretary chuck hagel says the u=s cannot afford to take chances. we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously this is the latest counter=move: truck mounted interceptor missiles are being moved to guam. they will supplement larger defense missiles based in alaska and hawaii. both systems are designed to home in on warheads in the upper atmosphere. according to the army's former chief intelligence officer in south korea, there is not much ogf a chance we will have to use the missile defense. it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see into north korea, and we have incredible technical capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is we've never penetrated their inner workings
a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they will deploy a missile defense system to guam. they need to increase defenses against a possible attack. state media broadcast soon after hagel spoke. they would inform the u.s. government they had approved a possible nuclear strike. america's hostile policy would be smashed. >>> residents of singapore are noticing another sign in the region. the visit highlights president obama's decision to focus more on the asia pacific. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier has been docked at singapore since monday. the ship is on its way back to the west coast of the u.s. following a five-month mission in the middle east. the attendees were allowed on to the deck of the 330 meter long ship. there they were briefed on the deployment of fighter jets and helicopters which have sonar to detect underwater crafts. navy officials say the carrier will conduct landing practice of aircraft and maintain contacts with military officials in the asia pacific region. u.s. president barack obama met with the
at the pentagon. that's where jim miklaszewski is on duty for us tonight. jim, good evening. >> good evening, brian. u.s. officials stressed tonight there is no sign that north korea is preparing for all out war. nevertheless, the u.s. and south korean militaries are prepared for the worst. two u.s. guided missile destroyers are already in position to shoot down any ballistic missiles launched by north korea. defense secretary chuck hagel warned this week that north korea's threats of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored. >> we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously. >> reporter: in the unlikelihood of all out war, u.s. cruise missiles, american bombers, and south korean war planes would launch air strikes. north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile facilities would be prime targets. any ground war would be devastating. 700,000 north korean soldiers are dug in along the demilitarized zone manning thousands of rockets and long-range artillery aimed at the south. 20 million south koreans in and around seoul are in the crosshairs, well within range. a former u.s. c
.s. military commandener south korea because of tensions with north korea. the move is a day after the pentagon delayed a missile test at the air force base. >> reporter: despite ferocious propaganda video out of north korea with scenes of crazed german shepherds taking and tearing apart the ep ji of south korean defense minister, this is the second day in a reof dialling back what has escalating tension between pyongyang, seoul and washington. for instance, the pentagon said it was delaying testing one of its own minutemen, intercontinental ballistic miiles in california, concerned the timing of it might be misled by kim jong-un's regime. also a top military commander postponed his meetings in washington for the same reasons. south koreans for international special envoy to mediate between the two koreas. still, both south korea and the united states now expect to see a missile launch here on the korean peninsula. it is supposed to be a test, not an attack, by north koreans later this week, possibly as early as april 10th. that is the day after north korea says they couldn't guarantee safety o
in preparation for a missile launch from the north. >> and the pentagon has a hi high-tech radar in place. here are new details with abc's devin dwyer who is in washington. good morning, devin. >> reporter: this morning u.s. officials believe a north korean missile launch is imminent. the pentagon says this high-tech floating radar is now up and running joining a flotilla of naval destroyers off the korean coast for early detection. >> we have to assume the worst case. that's why we're postured as we are today. >> reporter: all eyes on the musudan pointed at the sky. it's never been tested but could reach u.s. bases in okinawa or guam more than 2,000 miles away. there are fears this could fall on south korea or japan which positioned patriot missiles around tokyo. >> one of the concerns that the u.s. has right now is that the south korea will get too aggressive on any pro-tension response to a provocation and may do something wholly disproportionate and let the situation get out of hand. >> reporter: for now business as usual in seoul as the north continues its war of words. this pyongyang resi
dollars. they'll fund high priority programs including strategic hubs in the asia pacific. pentagon o fishes are asking for roughly the amount amount as they requested last year, about $526 billion. >> it makes new investments in the flexible platforms needed for the future. >> pentagon commanders want money to build aircraft anghang and facilities. they want to deemployee f-35 jets and unmanned planes. the budget reflects concerns of the build up of the chinese military. >>> two senators from different sides of the aisle have agreed to work together on gun control. they are expanding background checks on buyers. the republican and democrat want to make background checks mandatory. right now licensed dealers are only required to carry out such reviews. president obama wants to ban assault rifles and restrict the size of magazines. the bill does not include those provisions. more and more americans have been talking about gun control since the shooting in december at an elementary school in connecticut. a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members. >>> millions of owners of japane
. a better example to follow. we get his extraordinary story tonight from our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. >> reporter: it was one of the bloodiest phases of the korean war. the chinese had just entered the fight. through it all walked a one-man miracle. father emil kapaun. an army chaplain on the front lines. kapaun, with no regard for his own safety often rode a bicycle into combat. that's him on the right carrying a wounded soldier from battle. army veteran bob wood says the father was fearless under fire. >> we both dove into that ditch alongside the trail. i looked back and they had shot the pipe out of his mouth. all he had was the stem of the pipe still clenched in his teeth. >> reporter: mike and father kapaun were eventually captured and thrown into a chinese prisoner of war camp where hundreds of americans died from the cold, starvation and worse. >> there were a lot of people who were tortured and killed as prisoners. >> reporter: kapaun remained defiant, often risking his own life to feed and care for his fellow prisoners. >> he was a great thief. he'd sneak off a
were based no northern california. the pentagon said captain read of hawaii and staff sergeant they were stationed at bear air for -- beal air force base. >> both had deployed numerous times in both iraq and afghanistan. >> the pentagon says it appears weather was a factor in the crash and not enemy fire. two service members were stationed in illinois and oklahoma and they also died in that crash. >> we are learning new information about the bolt problem with the new span of the bay bridge. the new bridge has 1,200 bolts made from gavinizeed steel. both are similar because they can crack. caltrans says -- caltrans says they are both safe and in line withstand cards. >>> it is part of a blitz they will focus on a different neighborhood every week. they hope to fill 3,000 potholes by june 6thth. they are working between hudson and cliffton streets. 1200 holes were filled last year. >>> they are going into the second round of the nba playoffs. oracle arena was cast in gold and yellow last night, nearly 20,000 fans score add game high 21 points including 6 three pointers to beat th
of north korea over the last few days and the pentagon now says it's working to turn the volume down while shoring p the defenses in the region. this is the time of day we typically see some news out of north korea. it's morning there. you're just waking up. what's the mood there today? >> there hasn't been any specific news out of north korea. i can tell that you there isn't any particular massive shift that we're seeing in south korean sentiment. although, we are seeing an incremental change in the tone here. and part of it is as the pentagon is now expressing, concern that the u.s. may be part of the problem. one of the major newspapers here in south korea said that perhaps the show of force by the united states is having the effect of cornering a crazy rat. that rat reference, of course, being the leader. so there is this concern among a minority of south core evens that the u.s. may be part of the problem. certainly this news jake out of the pentagon may at least be appreciated by some here although overwhelmingly most people are appreciating that show of force. >> some officials in t
's barbara starr is live at the pentagon and kyung lah is in south korea. barbara, a day of confusion and mixed messages. what do we think we know and what don't we know? >> well, piers, this is very serious business. for the pentagon, the biggest problem is they don't really have specific intelligence about what's going on inside north korea, no assets on the ground, no personnel. they can only make assumptions and they are essentially assuming the worst case scenario. that from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here's where we stand tonight. the defense intelligence agency says that north korea has nuclear weapons, it can put on top of ballistic missiles and deliver those to a target, not very reliable but small comfort, i suppose. still the assessment is they can do it. the pentagon issued a statement saying they hadn't -- the north koreans hadn't fully tested and developed such technology but nobody, piers, is denying that that is exactly what they're working on and that is exactly what the north korean regime is after. piers? >> kyung lah, this is clearly a very disturbi
for the chairman and every leader in the pentagon, so it is my sense that it does purport with our requirements, add anything? >> happy to have someone give you a lay down of the lay of the land, what we've done this year and why and where it's going. i'alo sy ballistic missile e is an in.stment it's also -- it can get to be extraordinarily expensive, and so what we have to do is balance defense and offense. i often use the phrase that at some point, you have to stop worrying about the arrow and start worrying about the archer, and i suggest to the potential adversaries we have not forgotten, that we also have capabilities to deal with the archer. >> thank you. i look forward 20 that ongoing discussion, and i would think all three of you for being here, thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you, senator cruz. relative to the facilities overseas that are being closed, we do have rules as to the reimbursement to us forthe ovemenn vera facility, and issued a committee report, we hope you'll take up a showing of failure to achieve we're burst away in the way it's to be made, and it's going on too lon
than the world thought before. let's go to our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. chris, does the u.s. still think north korea is going to test the missile? >> reporter: they think it is a matter of time at this point, although obviously they would prefer he not conduct that test. they have seen north korea move two missiles to the east coast, they have seen him raise the launcher and then lower it, but they're not sure if that means kim may be backing off his threat or if they're just testing out before firing. key thing to look for, tomorrow night, sunday night our time, it is already april 15th in korea. that's the birthday of north korea's founder. a lot of folks we talk to say they expect to see a test on or before that date. >> what about the new intelligence assessment coming from the penalty gone that north korea may be further along now than we thought in terms of actually being able to put a nuclear war head on a missile? >> reporter: that's right. that was part of a bigger assessment that came from the defense intelligence agency. part of their job is to look at the missi
the pentagon unveiled plans to deploy anti=missile defenses on the pacific island of guam. despite its string of successful missile tests, pentagon analysts do not believe north korea has the technology to launch a nuclear attack on the u=s. but defense secretary chuck hagel says the u=s cannot afford to take chances. >> we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously this is the latest counter=move: truck mounted interceptor missiles are being moved to guam. they will supplement larger defense missiles based in alaska and hawaii. both systems are designed to home in on warheads in the upper atmosphere. according to the army's former chief intelligence officer in south korea, there is not much ogf a chance we will have to use the missile defense. it's completely rhetoric right now based on what we can see into north korea, and we have incredible technical capabilities to read what the north is doing. what we don't do a good job is we've never penetrated their inner workings of governance, the pentagon has also sent stealth fighters, bombers and two navy destroyers to
under our alliances in the region. >> we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin in the pentagon with the latest on what the u.s. military is doing to prepare for kim jong-un a threat. we begin with greg in south korea. you think tensions are rising in washington, they are at a fever pitch. there is already a new corn this friday morning there. >> hello, greg? >> hey, bret. a u.s. official confirmed to fox news that north korea raised a launcher with a dangerous new missile in a firing position and later lowered that. but experts say north korea is meaning business and that is sending a chill in the korean peninsula. >> area separating north and south korea is tense. constant talk of war from pyongyang has people on edge. this man fled across the peninsula in 1950. >> i am concerned. toric is getting stronger and i am worried about war. >> north korea fed coordinates in targets in missiles. they are reportedly shifting around and launched any time. >> nearby japan will shoot down any missile that threatens it. i think it is regrettable that north korea is taking acts. north korea
, and the pentagon strategy overall? >> it is a remarkable time in washington, in that every day, we have new headlines, new stories about north korea, syria, iran, afghanistan, about all these missions or potential missions facing the u.s. military. we unseemly parts of the world. at the same time every day, we have pretty much chaos when it comes to how to fund these operations, fund the pentagon, with the cut in military spending. congress and the white house are completely far apart. even within congress they can't agree on how to pay for all of this, and this is really affecting the pentagon in this day and age, whether you think there should be more or less money devote to military spending, the uncertain is he it is -- the uncertainty is a problem. >> he talks in one voice about red lines and we need not to back off of red lines, but then in the next breath he was saying i don't want to get involved anywhere because we're not in the position to get involved in all of these places. and when you talk about afghanistan, he is saying we're winning in afghanistan, but we've been fighting in
to the budget, the defense budget, the pentagon is looking at a cut of 487 billion dollars in projected spending over 10 years, perhaps billions more if the sequester isn't reversed. one of the things a secretary hegel and the administration have proposed is an increase in tri-care fees. they have also talked about another round of base closings in 2015. what is the chance of congress going along those two steps and have you gotten any sense of any pressure from the pentagon in pushing for these kinds of changes and increases? >> those of the two steps we need to take. if we are going to be shrinking the force, it will be shut even without sequestration. it is it -- base closing is a tool that the military needs to do to vertically align its base and salacious. commerce is not fond of base closing. but we are making this tribe -- but when we are making this type of transition to international security, it actually has to happen. i've spoken to many veterans groups about this. number one, people who serve in the military, people who have served in our military should have the best, cheapest healt
in the pentagon they never found any of the engines from the plane. they never found any pieces of the plane. that is because it disintegrated. whole side of the pentagon was not side, blah, blah and these kids. my son to this day, he thinks in washington and pentagon was not hit. >> let's talk about the social media. opportunities and challenges that facebook and twitter and texting and being able to send videos like that. do you think social media helps conspiracy theories or maybe you can squash them online. >> andrea: i think it's made them so much worse. if i had a nickel every time i used to get a family member, pass this on and alarmist. a couple of them i read, but you can quickly find out if they are not legally. i said please don't send me. all the people on the chain. >> bob: greg made a good point. problem with conspiracy, you have to disprove it. >> greg: popular mechanics did disprove all the 9/11 truthers then we have jobs. i'm not going to answer idiot's questions. >> eric: x files, conspiracies are out to get you. >> dana: that is why i'm so paranoid. they are throwing behin
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us with nuclear weapons. now, the pentagon is moving defense systems into place to counter any threats. >> it's incumbent upon us to take prudent steps to defending the united states. >> how far is kim jong un willing to go in this global game of chicken. >> scientists uncover a new strain of bird flu. it's already killing people. and doctors warn we are only beginning to learn what this virus can do. plus, an elderly student pilot plummets from his plane and falls to his death. >> at that points to be just an unfortunate accident to where he thought he was secure and in fact he wasn't. >> trace: tonight what we now know what happened and why his son said dad died doing what he loved. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith tonight. north korea may be planning another missile launch. that's what u.s. officials are telling fox news. they say intelligence shows the north is moving around some mid range missile launchers and the pentagon is keeping a close eye on them. military approved a nuclear attack on the united states. the pentagon moved a missile defense system to guam, a u.s. t
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